Crimson’s design philosophy is simple. Great design both tells your story and creates wonder of the larger world we live in. It’s a combination of your past, present, and future. We do this by collecting timeless elements, distinct objects and, of course, injecting color.

Great design also propels you forward in life. We take your experiences of the past, your present life, and the dreams you want to achieve in the future and translate them into beautiful and inspirational spaces made up with the best and luxurious fabrics, patterns, and materials.

At the end of the day, whether you’re collapsing in a comfy chair after a long and exhausting day or popping champagne for a dinner party, our design is meant to evoke a sense of comfort, wonder, and inspiration.

To be able to create this journey for our clients we draw this inspiration from all over the world. The beauty, creativity, and artistry we have found throughout our travels fuels the fire of our work. Earlier this year we had the joy of going to Thailand and are excited to share with you the inspiration we collected while there.


One of the first impressions of the design we observed was the vibrant color balanced with the relaxed surroundings and culture. The dichotomy of such intensity of color and pattern to the relaxed vibes and the way of life was so striking to us. 

Design can change by region, people groups, and culture; as we traveled further into the country and explored different regions this was so evident.

As we explored these regions we came to this temple which has a design developed more for aesthetic than functionality. However, the tier pattern creates a dynamic visual rhythm. 

The last leg of the trip we decided to experience the tranquility and simplicity of the Lanna Kingdom. In the city everything had been bold and vibrant colors, whereas in the outer regions we found more peaceful designs. We wanted to be immersed in the architecture and design and found the perfect place that delivered this. The Raya Heritage is set in lush gardens overlooking the Ping River. It was designed by noted Thai architect Boonlert Hemvijitraphan 

The entire atmosphere of the “The Raya Heritage” created such tranquility. The design of the entire resort incorporates beautifully curated, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, artifacts and accessories, sourced from and often created by local craftspeople using traditional techniques.

The structures were made up of terra-cotta tiles, hipped roof gables, vintage hardwood columns and beams, and mulberry-paper screens. These elements mixed with their white and cream color palette and natural fabrics, such as hemp and cotton, created a luxury based on the simple, natural beauty of northern Thailand’s unique heritage.

The beauty of our environment came to us not only through everything we were able to see but also from the peaceful sounds, the taste of the food, and the connections that we made with others. The connections we all continue to make as humans. We draw inspiration by finding the beauty in humanity.  Each new environment we get to visit shows us how our surroundings are all the product of each individuals creativity and unique imprint on this world. 

We are looking forward to many more opportunities to be inspired in our design by the places of the world!

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