In all of it’s commercial residences, the Preferred Living brand includes an emphasis on artwork. Art is personal and authentic – it has emotional intent and makes people pause.

With visions of a traditional eclectic clubhouse, our designers pushed the boundaries of the Harper House aesthetic. We ultimately curated eight to ten unique collage walls that residents stop and marvel at when exploring the clubhouse. It elevated the rooms, bringing the eclectic style into play while maintaining a cohesive feel between the two design aesthetics.

Each collage wall is comprised of different styled and sized pieces – spanning many artistic styles, mediums, eras, and framing. The ability to curate these diverse elements is precisely what creates an awe-inspiring collage.

The two lounges – men’s and women’s – located in the clubhouse boast vibrant collages, each eliciting feelings specific to the gender of the space. The softer color palettes of pink blush and olive green serve as a perfect canvas for the feminine artwork with a warm eclectic vibe including watercolors, florals, fashion, and the female form. In stark contrast, the men’s lounge greets tenants with dark cool tones and bold furnishings to complement the diverse range of artistic creations at play on the wall. 

Our team is full of meticulous curators that know how to amplify a personal connection with the space we create through a simple piece of art, which is exactly what we achieved through the collages at the Harper House.

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