Each Preferred Living property includes an expertly designed desk—a signature brand element and focal point of the lobby and entranceway. As our designers were creating spaces in the Harper House clubhouse in Dublin, Ohio, they made sure to include a desk that incorporated the mix of eclectic and traditional design in the lobby.

The Crimson team knows when to push the boundaries of design and style to transcend current trends. To create these extraordinary and authentic spaces, we incorporate distinct elements, such as the custom lighting in this clubhouse entryway. We chose an art deco chandelier that immediately captures the eye and brings the eclectic flair to life within the traditional aesthetic.

The eclectic design elements—reupholstered theatre doors, artwork, and unique textures—are complemented by the traditional elements in the lobby—the rich wood-paneled bookshelf, light ceiling, and white tile floor.

The balance of the two aesthetics is what creates a perfect harmony of design, attracting the attention of residents and visitors, drawing them in to explore what’s behind the next door and what more they can experience in the clubhouse.