Chelsea Square Commercial Project When one of your client partners is a top company in the United States leading the luxury residential market, designing for them is an honor, and when their business expands and you help, that is rewarding. But when you are all recognized nationally and receive a Multi Housing News Gold award in NYC, that’s just plain fun. Reviewed as “outstanding” across criteria including financial performance, customer service, resident satisfaction and design excellence with the multifamily industry’s most noteworthy people, companies and properties in the “city that never sleeps” – priceless.

From the stunning lobby to the bar and lounge area, Chelsea Square invites residents to experience sophistication in a “Preferred” lifestyle. Social gathering and private spaces are awash in luxurious textures. Private spaces offer a stylish respite with current+comfort interiors. CDG designed, coordinated and installed the interior and exterior living spaces where “those little town blues” really do melt away.

This was an exceptional community given the budget. The money was spent in all the right places, creating a handsome design and cool spaces. JUDGE2012 MHN Awards