10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home!

Fall is here! This means that winter is coming… [cues Game of Thrones theme song]  As the seasons change, there are lots of different ways that you can refresh your home. 

With the help of our residential interior designers, we have come up with 10 easy ways to refresh your home for the holidays!

1. Painting an accent wall

Painting an accent wall could be the eye-catching pop your room needs!  If you’re tired of the same color on all walls, this could be the perfect time to go to your local hardware store and get your sample on!  (Psst…if you don’t want to paint, you can try hanging up some wallpaper. We have great options for you.)

2. Swapping out pillows for more texture

For all of our pillow people out there, this one’s for you!  Swapping out pillows is super easy.  If you think about the texture of your current pillows, do they connect with fall/winter?  Are your pillows woven, velvet, and cozy?  If not, think about pillows you haven’t used since last season or some that you saw on Instagram and saved.  Maybe you can finally purchase them creating a quick swap that can be used again for future seasons.

3. Switching from lighter to heavier throw blankets

Throwing something together is what we have to do sometimes.  Having decorative throws for the winter gives a new aesthetic while also serving a function—to keep you warm during chilly months. So, let’s swap out those light throws from the summer to heavier ones. There’s nothing like snuggling up on the couch with a warm, thick throw blanket. 

4. Swapping brighter light bulbs to warmer ones

Did you say light bulbs?  Yes, we did. Switching your daylight bulbs to warmer bulbs gives you a warmer setting and feel.  It evokes comfort, relaxation, and an emotive atmosphere that is great for the holiday season.

5. Adding or switching artwork

Simply adding or switching out your artwork could make a big impact.  If you are a simplistic person who loves minimalism, this option is a great option for you.  By switching out artwork from your neutral tones to warmer ones, you liven up your space without having to refresh an entire room. You can find artwork as low at $10 on Etsy. (What a steal!)

6. Rearranging your furniture

One of the ways to freshen up your spaces would be rearranging your furniture.  This costs nothing but potential soreness the next few days. (We do love you.)  Simply moving around your furnishings could encourage socialization and potentially make the space feel more open.  

7. Ottomans & Floor Pillows

This refresher is perfect for those who have fireplaces. By placing ottomans or floor pillows near the fireplace, you create a warm and inviting area. This would be perfect for families to gather and reminisce during the holidays!  It also creates a space you could encourage your kids to cuddle up and read.  What parent doesn’t want that?

8. Materials & Textures

Another way is to have materials and textures that scream fall. (That’s some nice personification.)  Materials and textures we think would be incredible for freshening up your space for the season are cashmere, velvets, and alpaca.  There are so many additional textures that are dense and cozy that could also be brought into your space. 

9. Window Treatments 

New window treatments, or dusting off some old ones, could be a great way to refresh your home.  If you switched out your heavier curtains from last fall to lighter and brighter ones in the spring, this simple switch could be just what you need.  If you are someone who has the same curtains year round, this may be the chance for change that you’ve been waiting for.  We can definitely suggest some curtains for your space!

10. Accessories

Purchasing new accessories, and/or getting out the fall/winter accessories from the attic, is a great move.  This could also include greenery around your home. For the fall, having pieces of orange, yellow, and red helps bring the season out.  When switching things out for winter, some colors to include would be white, blue, green, and red.  Meaning you can use some of those red accessories from your fall décor straight on through to winter. (We all like saving money, right?)

Last but not least, curating your space for you…and don’t be afraid to be creative!  Highlight spaces for gathering and accessorizing for the season.  Get creative ini how you curate your space to let your style shine through.  The goal of any design is to add beauty while keeping yourself in mind.

If you need help with curating your space to make sure that you’re not losing yourself, let us know!  We will respond within 24 hours (business days, of course).  Want to speak to us immediately, just give us a call at 614-444-3743.

Also, let us know if you implement any of these changes in your home.  We would love to see the pictures and tag us on Instagram!  We are @crimsondesigngroup.

Want to read more or see more design tips, check out our Design Tips for Fall blog post from last year. 

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