Designer for a day

This week I had the pleasure of traveling around the world within a clients home. This particular client has lived in different parts of Asia, Guatemala, and other parts of the world. Through their many travels they have collected quite an array of beautiful and unique pieces.

To give her home a fresh new look we started by selecting paint colors and giving her existing white walls more life by adding color. Paint is one of the best inexpensive ways to make one of the biggest dramatic changes in a room.

The limestone tile back splash was an addition. The tile gives the kitchen a finished look. We bought the large white urns to add drama to the otherwise awkward space above the cabinets. By using fewer but larger pieces keeps it looking uncluttered. The blue and white plates she had purchased in Poland and we added in as art.

The ceramic ducks are from Korea. They are given to married couples symbolizing lifelong love and loyalty.

After the walls were painted we spent an afternoon going through all of her artwork and finding the right home for each piece. We created groupings and vignettes of her existing pieces to fit proportionally so that it would fit in the designated space.

Creating groupings is good when you don’t have one large piece for a big wall.

Before pictures

Get creative and pull out all those plates, trays, old picture frames, pictures, and photos. Your home can have a new inspired look by using all of your existing things. Have fun with it and call a girlfriend over to help you hang pictures and arrange furniture. Voila a new home!

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