Maison de Object

(Moroccan inspired lanterns…make a big impact with lots of them)

In September, Louie and I had the pleasure of attending the Maison de Object show for the first time. I was so inspired to see what the International creators were creating. Lighting, fabrics, unique plumbing fixtures, furniture, and lists goes on and on. I am giving a brief look into some of my favorite things. Stay tuned for the up and coming ‘trends and travel’ which will feature much more.

Tree branches inside acrylic cubes made into furniture or art pieces.How could you not love to take long soaks in this tub. Led lights gradually change color. All thats missing is champagne and strawberries.

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  1. This blog is very interesting, I want to share a brand with you


    Frank is one of the newest works of Boca do Lobo and it was chosen to be part of the small selection group of pieces that represent the trends in the home market, at Maison & Object 2010. Vicent Grégoire defines his trends based on dashing, eccentric pieces. For him, luxury and crazy are the key words. Frank is the perfect mix between a classic memoire and a madly modern twist. It is a sculptural piece of work, much more than a simple piece of furniture.

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