Southern hospitality influencing southern design

The southern influence of the stunning fresh wintry garland is just the beginning of what is inside the door of this home. The southern hospitality of my friend, Darci is like none other. She has definitely earned her crown as “queen of entertaining.” Halloween, birthday, Thanksgiving, OSU football, cookie baking party for 20 -6 year old, and of course the GRAND Christmas party. (this is only naming some of them and did I mention that this was all w/in 2 months after just moving into a new home a month earlier?)

Yes , many of us are tired just reading this. I am always amazed at how she pulls this off with 3 active but darling kids, many other daily activities, meeting friends, charity events and who knows probably training for a half marathon again. This doesn’t all happen without the support of Shawn. Today, I saw first hand the team work these two have as we were working on the finishing touches of the Christmas decorations. The next blog I will be featuring the interior of this well loved home. (7 trees in this home)

My friend, Brian is responsible for the beautiful work above. I love love the mix of the various pine with the magnolia leaves.

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