Spring, Spring, Spring

One of my favorite things about spring are the beautiful tulips. They give such new life after a long cold winter. I think every space needs to have a vase or pot of tulips to bring spring in doors. How can you not love all the variety of color found in these flowers. French tulips are my absolute favorite spring flower. So delicate and feminine.

This pink color is fabulous. Love the contrast of green leaves.

The intricacy of this french tulip is amazing. Could bring life into any space.

Love the vibrancy of all these colors.

I recently was on blog. She showed this photo, orange tulips spilling out over the container, I love.

Tobi Fairley often uses tulips in her interiors. I love these spaces she has created and then added these arrangements.

Another room by the so talented Tobi Fairley.

Having this vase on your desk would definitely bring creativity to your work.

Featured in house beautiful by designer John Willey.

Not only do I use them in interiors. I had to have them in my wedding.

So please run to the nearest flower shop to buy your punch of tulips.

Use them in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Spring is in the air!!

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