Books and bookcases

I wanted to post these photos I took today. I think many of us find it difficult to arrange the many books we collect in an aesthetic arrangement. Even as a designer, I at times need to see creative ways to rearrange those shelves. Here are a few ideas: cover books in your favorite color of paper. Kraft paper can be used or simply a pretty wrapping paper. Group all the same color books together or place them with the pages out. (gives the appearance of the books in the same color) Add cork board with pretty tacks that can be used for invitations, magazine pages, or pictures.

Adding baskets can help with the clutter that collects. Also add architectural elements to any built-ins or bookcases for interest. What I think works well in these rooms is that everything is tonal or in the same color palette. It is easier for the eye to take it all in, because your eye is not going directly to an object that is really sticking out. It’s a really quiet space.

Here 2 different color bookcases have been stacked on top of each other. Great idea!!! Get creative in those small spaces with all the books you have collected that you just can’t get rid of. If you’re like me you never know when you might need to open one of them. So appease that spouse (who you have been arguing with to keep them) and make them interesting and presentable.

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