Nuru Event

Recently we had an event benefiting Nuru. This is a wonderful organization that is empowering lives globally. Nuru partners with impoverished communities around the world. Nuru seeks to empower the poor with the means to acquire clean drinking water, food, health care, education, and micro-enterprise. To learn more check out the Nuru story. Thank you, Billy Williams, for educating all of us and taking the time to attend. It really was a pleasure meeting you!!!

The event was hosted by

A special thanks to David Hunegnaw, and everyone at Sandbox. I love this building and what they have creatively done with the space, really a beautiful co-working environment. If you’re searching for a place to work outside of your home and connect with other entrepreneurs then check out

Food by Chef Doug Brown

Thanks to everyone who graciously gave of your time and so much more. Thank you!!

Flowers designed by Brian Coovert

Thank you to my dear friends. I have so enjoyed working with you on this event.

Be hope to her!

All photos taken by the talented Alie Tredeu

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