Reclaimed, Recycled, Refurbished

Mixing the old with the new was definitely still the trend at the furniture show at High Point. At times I felt like I was transported back to an oh so “tres chic” European farmhouse. I was like a kid in a candy shop imagining all the possibilities for these delicious objects and where they would be laid to rest.

I can just see the kitchens that these cutting boards were used in and what a great display they now make. Do you have a collection you have had for years and don’t know what to do with it? Start getting creative. Hang them on a wall, arrange symmetrically on a bookcase, or re-purpose in a fresh new way.

I fell in love with this serpentine console. It’s absolutely great for small spaces, and by adding the ottomans you can create additional seating.

Layering these mirrors in front of one another adds interest. I love how recycled wood is used to make new mirrors.

The beauty of this table is that the more use and distressing it gets the better it looks. It’s great for those family rooms that get a lot of use and will give you no worries with your children beating on it.

Mixing the metal with this reclaimed wood top gives it a fresh new look. I dig the wheels!

All these pieces arranged on this charcoal wall really make a lasting impression. Start by shopping at those deserted antique shops or flea markets. Even at your local thrift store you can find an interesting object that needs a new home. I would love to see what you are collecting or re-purposing. Send your photos to

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