Flea Marketing!!

One of my favorite things to do is rummaging for a treasure. Friday, my friend, Rhonda and I headed off to the Springfield flea market extravaganza. I grabbed my lucky sidekicks, my iced coffee, a gigantic pink bolsa, a note book; we will forget exactly what booth it was in…so jot it down. Also in my bag is a bottle of water, an umbrella, cash, cash, and more cash. As well as my lipstick and iPhone, because I don’t leave home without either one of these. I also learned the painful way that sunscreen is a necessity.

I love all the mix of color and design in these onyx bracelets

We of course bought more than we imagined would fit into our SUV. But as designing women, who never pass by a good find, we have excelled in packing our cars. Men often say as they shake their heads, “You are never going to get all of that in there.” We just keep on packing and when everything is inside our car we give out a yell in satisfaction!! Women you know we will strap it on the roof rather than leave it behind. I had silver trays filled with moss, a glass garden at my feet and a lap filled with glass ware. But the hour of discomfort was all worth it. Here are some of our treasures of the day.

Baguette boards-

great for outdoor dining, used as olive and cheese trays or line candles on for intimate outdoor lighting

1960’s lamps I can’t wait to have shades made for.

This tea cart will have many multi-purposes.

Antique railroad signs

Creatively fitting everything into the car. Can’t wait for the next road trip.

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