Who’s your daddy?

Welcome Tom Finney and Mark Ballard of Sugardaddy’s to Gay Street!!! Read about their story on Downtown Columbus.

We are so excited to have Sugardaddy’s right around the corner from our office. A second location has opened at 11 East Gay Street, downtown Columbus. This is very dangerous for our waistlines here at Crimson Design. I can’t wait to have our next brainstorming meeting in the lounge of Sugardaddy’s. I can’t imagine what creations we can concoct with all the sugar confections dancing in our heads (hopefully not confessing secrets because we are in a sugar coma, but rather imagining all the beautiful spaces we can create).

The truffles are to die for and if brownies aren’t enough they have mixed the brownies into Johnson’s ice cream. YUMMY!! All the sumptuous sweets are delicious. What has always caught my eye is the beautiful packaging. Wrapped in bright pinks, chartreuse, and brilliant blue to name a few. And if you have always dreamed of having a pink room, then make a visit to their new storefront. Pink, pink and more pink will engulf you as you sit and enjoy that delicious sweet. The personalized petite tote with polka dot ribbon is a great gift idea for that special sweet tooth. As seen In Style magazine.

Run down to Gay street! Don’t waste this beautiful day without a delicious treat!!Check out their video!!

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