“Chasing Superwoman”

In my opinion, very few women deserve the title “Superwoman.” I can say that I am fortunate to know an extraordinary woman who can really leave “superwoman” in the dust. Who might this amazing woman be? Mother of 3, wife, attorney (partner at a prestigious international firm) writer, local advocate, Sunday school teacher, and wonderful friend to many. (this is the very short list of her many daily hats) What I appreciate about her is even with all these titles she takes the time out every week to meet with me at Starbucks. We catch up on our lives, our businesses and most of all whats going on in us spiritually. How are we surviving among the chaos of life? Often really just an attitude adjustment. We use this time to laugh, vent, occasionally cry, and most importantly pray!! This woman is my dear friend, Susan Dimickele. She has been an inspiration and encouragement to so many and myself. I am so excited because her first book is hot off the press. It is a book on a working moms adventures in life and faith. (Very few have dared to approach this subject)

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Tell your friends, neighbors, men (they might enjoy hearing about the real life of a working mother 🙂 about the book. Bye for now I am off to start chapter 6.

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