Delicious Ambience

I have to share with you some of the most beautiful, fun, whimsical, and sexy chandeliers. I just love and love these 4 pieces. The creations are all behind the talented fine art artist, Susan Hornbeak Ortiz. Her company is Shine by S.H.O. Not only does she create this fantastic lighting but really unique furniture. I am dying to use it soon in a new project.

This is just so yummy! I love the color and this would be the show stopper in any room.

I would like to wear this as a bracelet. It would also look fantastic over a table in a kitchen.

This piece would also look great with black shades or hot pink.

In a foyer this piece would be smashing!

To view more pieces and furniture visit Shine by S.H.O

All images from Shine

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