Beautiful America

Happy July 4th. I love everything that this holiday reminds me of. Our freedom in this country and how thankful I am to all of the great men and women who make that freedom possible. Summer picnics, time spent with family, fireworks, relaxing at the lake, fresh produce purchased at the local farmer’s market. Red, white, and blue and the combination of these 3 colors symbolize strength to me. Through out my travels I have learned the power behind symbolism. When I see the American flag regardless of where I am I feel close to home. As well as all the other many, many emotions and pride that are attached to all of us when we see the flag fly.

All these pictures are reminders of what I love about America and July 4th!

( I would love to look this fabulous chopping wood.)

Thanks to this woman and her sacrifice to all of us!

House Beautiful

Bon Appetit

Corn on the cob is a 4th of July classic for my family. Add chives or chilli to the butter for a new twist to this summer classic.

Two classics standing and representing strenght!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.Images from Flickr- Ms. Midnight maniac, Neil Golub, Loula M, Beli M, the damian DancingDaisy

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