Joy with some spookiness

With my job come many, many different things. Everyday is different in my world of design and that is what I so enjoy but, yesterday was a first. I had the pleasure of halloweening (word?) the lower level of a home for a client. What gave me the most joy was to hear 3 kids squeal with so much excitement of the transformation in anticipation of their soon to come costume party. Wow!!! At the sound of those tiny but big voices I realized that I have the greatest job! What could be better than to hear those screams of delight. Our environment can effect all of us -big and small, young and old.

I would be petrified if I came across this spider. (and the eyes light up of course) “Haute Halloween” this orange glittery chandelier really added some glam to the room. Fall is after all not just creepy and spooky but full of color and a little bling!

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