Inspired by gratitude and nature

I recently had the honor of working with Lee Ann, Daryl and their boys. As in all of our projects, our inspiration comes from finding out what inspires the household and in turn reflecting that in the final design. This world class traveling family has found inspiration in travel and nature. It was important to find the right space for these majestic pieces of inspiration. They have traveled the world in search for just the right one. With great care, these animals were given the best seats in the house. For Lee Ann and Daryl the animals are a reminder of God’s faithfulness and His many blessing they have experienced in their lives.When you enter this home, you truly encounter the gift of hospitality. There is a peace and comfort that radiates to everyone that enters. Once you step in, you never want to leave. I was ready to move in. You really want to know more about the people that live in this house and know the stories behind each room. About a stones throw from the home sits their charming B&B, called the Miller Haus. It rests on a beautiful hill that looks over some of Ohio’s lush countryside. Lee Ann’s gift of hospitality spills over into your experience when staying there. So all you city-slickers, take a day or two out of the city to come to the country. You will not be disappointed. It’s so peaceful. The food is delicious and is truly comfort food at its finest. After all, isn’t it nice to have a completely different pace in life? Even if it’s for one or two days, we can all use the time to reflect about what is important in life. Thank you Lee Ann and family for being a true inspiration.

Before of Living room

Work in progress for living room

Adding wall paper to the back of the bookcases and over the mantle really

give a focal point and add a sophistication to the room.

The red on the wall really has a nice romantic glow at night.

Before of kitchen


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