Sneak Peak

We are counting down the days until the unveiling of our new ‘creative luxury studio’ in Pearl Alley. We are all busy unpacking boxes of the latest products and fabrics that are being shipped in daily. Painters are putting the hottest and freshest colors on our walls. Wallpaper being installed. Today we added a new upholstery company that I can’t wait to introduce. And the best thing is that its made in America and ships in 30 days. Below are things we have started unpacking just to give you a sneak peak!

We have to have something red, we are Crimson.

Black, Grey, Charcoal…I can’t seem to get enough of these shades lately. I never thought I would like anything grayish!

Beautiful vases designed by one of my all time favorite designers, Barbara Barry

Add hydrangeas, tulips, or plant an orchid in these simple beauties.

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