What inspires Luis?

Hello World! I’m next in line in Crimson Design’s “what inspires you” marathon. I can think of many things that can send me into inspiration mode, but I’ve spun the wheel in my brain and have landed on a heavy hitter.

Travel. Oui, that’s right.
It runs in my veins and has become a non-negotiable activity in my lifetime. Call me crazy but I love to be in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language or where I don’t know anyone. It’s great to be taken out of your little comfort zone and be catapulted into the unknown. I guess that’s why I love travel so much. It exposes you for who you really are…the good, the bad…you get it.Travel would not be the same without everything that comes with it. In other words, sensory overload is to be expected. This is what truly inspires me, the colors, the smells, the noises.

Whether you’re exploring the ornate gold of the Topkapi Palace, or the crazy open-air meat(fresh or almost fresh) market in West Africa, or entering the Ralph Lauren store in St. Germain, Paris, you’re bound to have an experience of a lifetime.

It is my hope that even as you read this you become inspired! Inspired to go explore. My advice? Don’t stop till you drop! There’s a world out there! Take time to pop in somewhere and say “hello”.-Luis Stauffer

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