Hot trends for 2012

Last week I was in Atlanta for theGift and Accessory show. I alwayslook forward to seeing what the new trendsare going to be. Acryllichas beenhot but Ihad a new appreciation for it when Isaw this amazingbuffet (side panels in acryllic) and chair. Ooollllaaaaa…….

In lighting I saw theuse of glass, metals, and natural materials creating art pieces. I can’t wait to find the perfect home for this little jewel.

I was obsessed with this lamp. Its a piece of jewlrey. No other place for this but in my bedroom.

Bar carts have become so popular. They are multi functioning and great for entertaining. The red is available in many other colors.

Trays made out of all types of materialswere a big hit. This silver one is made in ArgentinaI particularly like this one because of the horns used as handles. Trays are great to use when entertaining, or used on top of an ottoman. I have alsoset them on a luggage rack and used it as a night stand. Stop into Crimson boutique in March because we will have all types of them in stock for immediate purchase.

This glass vase was a show stopper!! The classic urn shape, made in all glass, gives it a modern twist. Beautiful for weddings or on a mantle. We will be posting more of our favorites as they arrive in the shop.

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