Red Chandelier in Costa Rica.

I’m always looking for design opportunities in my travels around the world. It just so happened that I had the chance for a quick re-do for an amazing family in Costa Rica. This was the perfect Red Chandelier project. Red Chandelier is a service the design firm offers. It is a quick design using all existing furnishings with recommendations at the end of the project. The beautiful and spacious house was tucked away in the city and the grounds were lush and topical which provided a great backdrop for the swimming pool. I instantly knew that I had to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors with the interior spaces. As I set to work the first item on my list was the sun! (you can never have too much natural light, especially when you live in the tropics) I tore down the window treatments and the exposed the large windows. It was amazing how this transformed the entire house. Next, I rearranged all the furniture to create small intimate spaces as well as making it functional. I also placed lighting and accessories as to maximize the natural light that now filled the house. I placed cobalt blue pillows on various seating to compliment the brightness of the blue sky and the reflection of the pool. My last task was to accent the interiors with the lush tropical foliage found outside. I placed the incredible looking plants around the house. It was my vision in this project to create a quiet and serene place for the family to come home to and get away form the hustle and bustle of life. They loved the new look and were eager to show others the transformation. As I boarded my flight, I couldn’t help but wonder what international project I was going to be a part of next .

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