Crimson Design Nominated for Pillar Award

Here at Crimson Design we strive to make an impact in community and help in any way possible. We were grateful enough to be nominated for a 2016 Pillar Award, hosted by Medical Mutual of Ohio and Smart Business.

 Owners, Cheryl + Luis Stauffer with  Patrick Terrien of Columbus Council on World Affairs.
Owners, Cheryl + Luis Stauffer with Patrick Terrien of Columbus Council on World Affairs.

The Pillar Award focuses on those who help improve Columbus, Ohio and serve in the community.

Thank you so much we’re so excited and honored to be here. You know, we think of ourselves as storytellers who use design to tell the story of our clients’lives. And then one day we realized that we could also use design to tell a bigger story, and also the story of our company and what we care about, and what we’re really passionate about. Our core belief at Crimson is that great design propels us through life and we do that all the time in our clients’lives. But at a certain point we knew we didn’t want to stop there, we knew we wanted to do that in a bigger, and much broader way. And so we came up with an idea of giving back by donating a percent of every job to a cause that we’re passionate about and that our clients are passionate about.What we realized was that by combining what we see as our human responsibility, with what we believe is our corporate responsibility, it was easier than we imaged to create a footprint that is local as well as global. And you know what happened was that our opportunity to impact others-so positively-became so much bigger than we could have ever dreamed.

What makes me really/incredibly happy is that this is something everyone on our team loves being a part of, and so we all thank you for acknowledging us today.

-Cheryl Stauffer, CEO Crimson Design Group

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