High Point Market: Our Designers’ Favorite Trends, Must Haves, and More!

A few weeks ago our designers went to High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina. We asked our designers to keep track of the trends they saw, must-haves, and their favorite innovative ideas. What were your favorite trends? Anything unexpected?Stephanie: I loved the mix of materials, styles, and color. Showrooms seem to be catching on to the concept of blending materials to create a timeless space. They’ve moved away from putting distressed wood in everything. Now there are hints of wood, mixed within other finishes.Jessica: The big focus on textures on patterns! Lots of black/white/neutrals used together with textures like leather, metal, or wood!Katherine: I loved the Hygge trends: lots of layers and textures!All designers: Purple is making a huge comeback! That was really unexpected.

Are there any items that you’re excited to use in upcoming projects? Anything you wish you could have taken home with you?Katherine: I did buy a mudcloth pillow for myself… I couldn’t resist!

Jessica: I loved this vignette where they used scrabble tiles as flooring. I thought it was so fun and creative. I will definitely be using this in the future for a kids bathroom!

Did any ideas stick with you? Unique uses of products/surprising styling choices?Heather: Yes, using rug pads as a wall texture! At the Baker showroom they painted the inexpensive pads and then applied them to the wall in panels. Katherine: I loved the bright pops of color in the Chaddock Home vignettes! I also loved the Boho-chic Moroccan lounge looks that Selamat created.  

Stephanie: I also loved Shea’s rooms at Chaddock. The mix of patterns, colors, and styles was amazing. She used very classic pieces that have been in Chaddock’s line for years, but gave them such a fresh twist by pairing them with brighter colors and whimsical patterns.Based on what you saw at High Point, what new style trends can we expect to see in 2018?Jessica: I think the Hygge trend will definitely continue to be popular. The definition of Hygge is “having the quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders the feeling of contentment”. Hygge is minimalistic and simple with an emphasis on cozy elements like woven textiles, furry blankets, textures, and warm wood tones.Stephanie: I think color is definitely on its way back for 2018. A lot of featured rooms had color. Chaddock’s feature rooms were aqua blue and purple… another was yellow! Selamat had a feature vignette that popped yellows, pinks, and aquas.Katherine: I agree. Hygge is definitely going to be a huge trend. And muted pinks and purples are going to be big, too!

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