Planning Your Office Design to Promote Company Culture

Office spaces have changed a lot over the years but the debate between open workspaces versus private offices is still on. Regardless of your personal preference, the one thing that should always be considered when designing your office environment is if it promotes your company culture.The design of workspaces is a major investment for any organization, and it should be! It can affect everything from productivity, employee satisfaction, engagement, and talent recruitment. When considering an office remodel, being strategic when choosing the elements of your office’s interior design is paramount.Take into consideration your company’s brand when reviewing your needs. Crimson Design Group has helped many corporate clients communicate their brand with thoughtfully chosen layouts, materials, colors, furniture, common spaces and more.Think about it: you and your employees spend just as much time at the office as at home. Shouldn’t you want to create a place where they feel comfortable and welcomed? Details such as wood, comfortable seating, green space, etc. help bring in more of the natural, cozy feeling that we all desire.Consider color! Multiple studies have shown that color can affect our mood, creativity and even productivity. Don’t be afraid to inject vibrant shades into your design to organize and designate workspaces. Incorporate your brand’s colors to represent your company’s brand and culture.Multipurpose workspaces and collaborative lounge areas can also help employees feel like they aren’t tied down to just one work area. Wireless capabilities have made offices more flexible, so why not make these multiple spaces enjoyable and accessible as well?Bringing in interior design experts at the beginning planning stage of a project will keep you from making costly mistakes later.

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