Wreath Making with Crimson Design!

A few weeks ago one of our designers, Jessica Jones, took a wreath making class. Of course, the rest of the team loved the idea and asked her to teach them what she’d learned! So today, we spent lunch time creating one-of-a-kind Christmas wreaths!

If you want to create one at home, Jessica has the following tips:

1. Get greenery from a local nursery. If you’re in the Columbus area we suggest Oakland Nursery. You can buy bundles of Douglas Fir, Spruce, Blue Douglas, etc etc. You can even buy Magnolia leaves! You can usually get berry stems from nurseries too! 

 2. From a craft store, get a grapevine wreath and use that as your base. You’ll also need to get floral wire (preferably green) in a smaller gauge (we used a 24 gauge, 0.51 mm wire) so that you can easily twist the wire around the wreath base. Have a pair of scissors and/or hedge trimmers handy so you can cut the wire and stems to your preference. 

3. Layout your greenery on top of the wreath base so you can conceptualize how you’d like it to look!4. You can start by pushing some of the stems through the grapevine wreath to conceal the ends of the stems and to create a seamless look. Then, secure stems with the wire. Do this all the way around the body of the wreath!

5. After you’re satisfied with how full the wreath is, you can add garnishes– anything you want! Pinecones, berries, ribbon… the sky’s the limit!

6. Lastly, before you hang the wreath, do the “shake test”. Gently shake your wreath to make sure everything is completely secure!

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