Cheryl’s Holiday Gift Guide

When I give a gift, I always try to make the gift as special and unique as possible. A gift should be as unique to the recipient as your relationship to them is! Here are some of my absolute favorite gifts to give! Happy Holidays!

1. Fabulous Furs Throw: $329-399This Fabulous Fur Faux Mink Throw is a favorite to give, to literally anyone. Who doesn’t love a warm fur throw during the winter months? We have two of them ourselves, so that we don’t fight over who gets to use it.2. Europe2You Cutting BoardsEurope2You has the best wood cutting boards. From pizza to charcuterie, these boards are perfect for hosting friends and family.I always have my favorite cheese and crackers on hand for the unexpected guest. It always is a hit and provides great presentation.3. Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon,2015: $79.99Caymus is my go to wine for any celebration or everyday drinking! This makes it a great gift, too!4. Library of Luminaries Books: $11.97I love the Library of Luminaries book series. They’re great for kids and adults, alike. The illustrations are beautiful and whimsical!5. Laguiole Jean Dubost Vintage Steak Knife Set: $99.95I love this brand of knives- for steak or everyday chopping.6. Holiday Farmstead Box: $195Blackberry Farm is wonderful place for a romantic getaway, and their food is delicious. If you can’t go there and you can’t give your friends a weekend away, at least give them a Blackberry Farms gift package! It’s a favorite gift to give.7. Trudon Candle: $95The scent of this candle is amazing. With hints of basil and mint, this candle really takes you away!8. Satellite Earrings: €115 These earrings are on my own wish list. I stumbled on this jewelry store, Satellite, when I was in Paris last year. I would honestly take one of everything in this store, but I’m happy to start with this pair of earrings.9. Robb Vices Membership Box: $79.95-89.95/monthRobb Vices is a gift I gave Louie last year, and it’s a gift that gives all year long. The packaging is gorgeous and the gifts each month are creative. This month’s box included sparkling wine, crème de cassis,and a sabre to open your champagne bottle. “Remember friends, the glass is neither half empty, nor half full. It just needs to be topped off. “ Unknown10. Fresh Hesperides Perfume: $50My go to perfume! It’s clean and fresh and never overpowering.11. Magnolia Tree: $66- 142This makes a great hostess gift for the holidays (or a gift for yourself!).Enjoy it on your table top,and then plant it in the spring. I have a magnolia tree right outside my dining room window and I enjoy it all year long.  Thanks for reading our week long series! What are some of the gifts you love to give? Let us know in the comments!

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