Charitable Partner Profile: Community Shelter Board

Crimson makes giving back to the community central to its business model. Crimson donates a portion of all client fees to various non-profit organizations, both locally and on a global scale. Among the local organizations we donate to is the Community Shelter Board.

Community Shelter Board is a collaborative impact organization that creates partnerships with local and statewide organizations to develop innovative solutions to respond to homelessness. Together with their partners, the Community Shelter Board invests in quality programs in Columbus and Franklin County. Overseeing an annual budget of $31 million, Community Shelter Board supports homeless programs and services at 17 provider organizations across the community.

Last year, these programs ended homelessness for more than 12,000 people! 347 households on the brink of homelessness were served and 85% remained stably housed and did not become homeless. They were also able to assist 45% of people who called their hotline to find housing options other than a shelter.

I was introduced to Community Shelter Board through Wine Women & Shoes, one of Community Shelter Board’s partners. Wine Women & Shoes is an organization that works with philanthropic organizations at a local level to raise money and make lasting change. I was proud to attend the 2017 event benefiting Community Shelter Board, that had over 350 attendees! Together, women can make a lasting difference in their community and create positive change.If you would like to learn more about how to get involved or donate, please check out the Community Shelter Board at

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