2022 Dining Rooms Trends

When you gather three designers together for a brainstorm, be sure to bring a lot of blank paper because the ideas never stop flowing! We sat down with our residential interior designers, Lauren and Sara, as well as Design Director, Stephanie, to talk dining room trends.

Here is what they had to say…

1. Not Just for Eating

With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, the dining room has made a comeback. This space is being used as a school desk, work-from-home space, and overall catchall area. Creating a laid back dining space that is multifunctional will serve your family and your space better than a traditional, formal dining room that is only used once a year during the holidays.

2. Eclectic Vibes

Mismatched place settings and linens collected from various places you’ve traveled can tie into your home’s color palette. Add some unique prints on lamps or vases, too!

3. Keep It Casual

A casual and intimate dining space is more conducive to informal gatherings. Use simple seating arrangements like wooden benches or side chairs.

4. Conversation-Starting Finishes

Photo by Fashion Snoops

We love wallpaper! Whether it’s on the walls or even the ceiling, try applying a unique pattern to make the other colors and patterns in your space pop!

5. Outdoor Dining

The pandemic enabled us to enjoy being outdoors a lot more. Many families have enjoyed outdoor dining during this time. Refresh your outdoor eating space with a natural fire source like a chimney or fire pit, and switch out formal dining chairs for comfortable wingback chairs. Stay cozy this fall!

These design tips were featured as an article in (614) Magazine. Here is a link to the piece in their October 2021 issue.

As interior designers, we want to connect your personal connection with the designs you love by implementing them into the story of your home. You don’t have to look far as we can help you with your high-end residential design needs. If you’re interested in remodeling or renovating any room in your home (or the whole thing!), get in touch with us. We would love to hear about your project and how we can make your space and life more beautiful. 

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