2024 Color Trends to Transform Your Space

Artful Powder Room Shot with globally-inspired, colorful wallpaper. Copper sink. Gold accents and dimmed lighting for small space.

2024 is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh perspective on color! As we explore the hues that will be at the top of everyone’s Pinterest boards this year, we’ve discovered that 2024 promises a dynamic blend of tones that offer endless avenues to unique beauty!

Mystic Blue:

Embrace the calming nature of Mystic Blue, a versatile shade that effortlessly transitions from serene to bold. This tranquil hue creates a sense of depth, making it perfect for accent walls, furniture, or even as a grounding element in accessories.

Lush Terracotta:

The warmth of Lush Terracotta blends earthiness and sophistication. This rich, reddish-brown tone is perfect for creating cozy, inviting spaces. Incorporate it through statement furniture pieces, textiles, or accent decor for a grounded and serene atmosphere. Consider adding Lush Terracotta to a room in your home with plenty of natural light.


Sun-Kissed Yellow:

Bring positivity into your home during this monochromatic Ohio winter using Sun-Kissed Yellow! This vibrant, energetic hue radiates warmth and joy. Whether used as a dominant color or in pops through accessories, it’s sure to lift spirits and put a smile on your face. Sun-Kissed Yellow is a lively addition to a nursery or playroom. 


Forest Green:

Bring the outdoors in with the timeless vibe of Forest Green. This rich color connects us with the great outdoors. Consider using it in upholstery, accent walls, or decor elements for a touch of natural luxury. A den or office would benefit from a sophisticated incorporation of forest green. 


Blush Pink:

Blush Pink continues to make a statement in 2024, offering a delicate and feminine touch. This soft and versatile hue pairs well with various color palettes, making it simple to incorporate into your existing space. Use it in furniture, pillows, or find it in an accent wallpaper for a touch of opulence. Start small or go big! 


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