5 Wallpaper Trends for 2024

Wallpaper is no longer just for your grandma’s house – wallpaper is a beautiful and easy way to bring a unique flair to any space in your home! Our design team here at Crimson loves elevating a space with abstract and unique papers. Here are some of our current favorites and tips for incorporating wallpaper into your next project: 

70’s print: retro, bold geometrics in many different shades of brown, orange, purple, and green.

Wallpaper on ceilings: Defy the norm! Installing wallpaper on ceilings is a great way to make a unique statement with a surprising pop of color/pattern.  

Large scale print: Adds color and pattern to a space without it looking too busy. Try botanical print, florals, or a mural to create that wow factor. Note: When using large, bold patterns, make sure to keep the majority of the furniture in the space neutral to avoid busy-ness.

Texture: No time or budget for construction? Use textured wallpapers! Some wallpapers mimic the texture of stone, brick, plaster, leather, grasscloth, or flannel.  

Stripes: Stripes are classic and timeless. They can make a space feel preppy and classy or bold and glamorous depending on the style you choose. They can also make a room feel larger as they create an optical illusion that the walls are longer! 

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