The Design Diaries: Luis Stauffer, President

We’re frequently asked what it’s like to work at Crimson and what our daily lives look like! So, we’re taking you behind the scenes with different members of our team! This week, follow our President, Luis, on a normal day at work!

8am: I woke up and hung out with my girls for a little bit. I helped Gabby get ready for school (she’s in preschool already! They grow up so fast!) and packed lunches. Today she’s got a turkey sandwich with honey mustard. She’s a sugar fiend so we have to include something sweet in her lunches! Then, I helped coordinate the activities of the day! It’s Cheryl’s birthday and the team is throwing a party for her after work. I needed to set up child care, pickup… you know, the usual parent stuff! Plus, we’re getting our back porch fixed so I needed to make sure they had everything they needed.

9am: At 9 I got into work. The first thing I do every morning is to check in with the operations team. This morning, I checked in with our procurement manager, project manager, and our executive team members.  

10am: At 10 I started going through emails from job applicants. We have a couple of positions open so we have a lot emails coming in. I called an applicant to set up a second interview for later today. 

11am: Around 11 I headed out with our business development coordinator and blog writer, Emily, to Veritas, one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus. We had planned on putting together a post about bourbon tasting at Veritas but, turns out, they weren’t open for lunch. So we had to come up with a plan B. That’s the thing about working at Crimson; you never know what your day’s going to look like! Over lunch we came up with a new plan for the next months’ blogs. So, all in all, it wasn’t a total loss!

1pm: After lunch, we went back to the office. I placed a few calls to our bank and a couple of insurance companies. We’re considering getting medical insurance for our team and there’s a lot to consider! Then, I spent a little time signing checks. 

2pm: At 2 our design director, Stephanie, and I had an interview with a candidate. Then we called our business consultant and discussed the meeting.

4pm: At 4 it was time to celebrate Cheryl! She’s a wonderful leader so the team wanted to make her birthday special. They planned a happy hour celebration at Marcella’s in the Short North. We ordered a couple of bottles of wine, some appetizers, and had a great time!

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