2022 At-Home Interior Design Trends

1. Nature-Inspired Interiors

With people spending more time indoors than ever before, they’re starting to fill their homes with plants and other nature inspired options. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that having plants can help reduce stress by making you more comfortable and soothed. Plants have also been found to significantly improve quality of indoor air by reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds drastically.

After being indoors for so long people are becoming aware and appreciative of the power of nature. Biophilic designs are a trend that interior designers have been talking about for a while and it looks like this year’s the year that these designs come to life.

2. Tactile Textiles & Textures

Tactile textiles and textures are on the way in this year. Who doesn’t love a good piece of art that you’re allowed to touch? Well with these your actually encouraged to touch them. Tactile art is going to be the next big thing in the art world as it’s more inclusive for the visually impaired as well as the art piece looking amazing. The different textures can also help with child development as touching things help them develop their senses and helps them with speech.

Textured furniture is going to be popular this year with materials such as velvet, bouclé and tweed.

3. Leather Furniture

Leather furniture and upholstery is making a comeback. Leather has the ability to offset metals. People are also starting to see the beauty in the texture leather makes as it ages. Leather is also very easy to clean if you have young kids or are just generally clumsy.

If you have some drawbacks think about leather headboards in beds. They are already a big thing because leather compliments many accents that you room will have and leather furniture will have the same effect.

4. Personality

Since people have been stuck indoors, they’ve started adding items with personal and sentimental value to them. Bold items add personality to a room because who want to keep looking at the same boring things they’ve had for years. Things like bold colours, photos and personal style are easy ways to add some personality to a room. Items with emotional significance are starting to appear more across peoples homes as they add authenticity and they bring a uniqueness no one else can bring to your home.

What brings personality to a home is different for different people. Some people may find incredible personal value in a desk tidy, whilst others may find personal value in a wool rug purchased for them by a close friend or family members.

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Trends that are out and top paint colors of the year. . .  You can read the rest of this blog post, written by Harry Calladine at Land of Rugs, here.

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