Changing the World from Central Ohio with Patrick Terrien of CCWA

Growing up with a French teacher as a mom and a vigorous curiosity, Patrick Terrien learned early on that the world and its people are an enriching part of life. Patrick loved meeting anyone and everyone who spoke another language, practiced a different culture, or was born outside the United States. After a childhood in a small midwestern town and determined to learn more, Patrick moved to Washington, D.C. and studied at Georgetown University.

With a passion for new experiences, Patrick lived abroad in Indonesia during his junior year of college. When he wasn’t studying the language, he kept himself busy playing gamelan music, learning local dances and rituals, and enthusiastically negotiating in the local markets. When he returned to the states, he couldn’t shake his craving for global experiences and soon moved to Columbus, Ohio. 

Patrick tries out the Emir's chair in the Royal Family Suite at Qatar's international equestrian center.
Rock Climbing in Costa Rica, 2015

He didn’t find exactly what he was looking for, but rather, something better. He became a member and volunteer of the Columbus Council on World Affairs (CCWA), which eventually led to a full-time position as its CEO. Patrick now thrives on bringing global awareness and cultural understanding to Central Ohio, especially its high school students. His driving factor is changing the world in a positive way, and that begins with educating and empowering young people to lead the way. 

A mover and shaker that has long sparked Crimson’s curiosity, CCWA shares in our core value of living beyond what we know and see. As designers heavily influenced by travel, we are constantly tying multiple cultures and worlds together for a space that is aesthetically pleasing, and sparks wonder. Not only does CCWA bring the thought leadership behind these cultures, but also the education, collaboration, and resources for our community to learn and share with others. Crimson Design Group President, Luis Stauffer, serves on the board of the Columbus Council on World Affairs; he is a believer that those not like us should be admired and celebrated.

Patrick is heading to Ghana in January to explore even more opportunities for CCWA. Stay tuned for another blog about his trip and how he plans to bring Ghanian influence to Columbus. In the meantime, here is some more content from our Q&A session with Patrick.

Where is your best work done? Not in front of a computer

Favorite cocktail? Gin Gimlet with lime

What do you crave by the end of each day? Fresh air!

What is your morning routine? On weekdays I wake up at 5:30 a.m., let the dogs out, and swim or do yoga. On the weekends I play basketball with my “old man” group.

Favorite sport? Old man basketball 

Hidden talent? I’m a great dancer (*he wouldn’t show us any moves)

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