CDG x Metropolitan Holdings’ Skytop Project brings Historical Significance back to Cincinnati

Crimson Design Group has partnered with Metropolitan Holdings on their Skytop Multifamily project in Cincinnati, and it has been one for the books! The property consists of 361 units along with hotel-like amenities. The Crimson team has been working diligently to bring a unique, beautiful aesthetic to this building. 

Last week, the Cincinnati Business Courier featured the Skytop project in an article, headlining that the property is “like a resort and hotel,” and we could not agree more. 

The design elements at Skytop serve as a reflection of Cincinnati’s history with art deco architecture, dating back as early as the 1930s. The mustard yellow upholstered panels along the banquette in the clubhouse is a great example of this incorporation of art deco elements into modern architecture. 

 Take note of the beautiful 2-story archways in Skytop’s lobby that imitate the look and feel of not only a historical art deco building, but a hotel of that time as well. Be sure to scroll down to check out additional breathtaking pictures of the progress at Skytop!

The combined architecture and interior design elements have come together so beautifully at Skytop, we cannot wait to share the final results! Link to the Cincinnati Business Courier article is here for additional information on the building.

*Images Courtesy of Cincinnati Business Courier

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