Charitable Partner Profile: Columbus Council on World Affairs

  Photo Credit: Columbus Council on World Affairs
Photo Credit: Columbus Council on World Affairs

The Columbus Council on World Affairs was founded in 1975 by twelve people who believed that global matters impact us locally and local matters impact the world. It’s their mission to foster a community that is well-informed about critical international issues as they affect the world, the nation, and the local region and whose citizens utilize this insight to make effective decisions in our global society. 

Louie and I discovered the Columbus Council on World Affairs about five years ago and immediately wanted to be a part of the important work they were doing. We strongly believe that it’s our duty to be active members of the global community, and to be good global citizens. The Council is a non-profit organization funded entirely by contributions from corporations and individuals who believe, as we do, in creating a global community. Louie’s parents always taught him to celebrate the diversity, rather than the sameness, in the world, and once we were introduced to their programs, we knew we had to contribute to their success.

The Council offers a variety of programs in global fluency training  that help their attendees learn more about current affairs, individual countries, and different cultures. Their signature luncheons feature expert commentary from well-known international speakers on a variety of global topics. They also offer training for high school students that prepares them to inquire, compete, and collaborate globally as leaders, professionals, and citizens of the world. 

We’re so proud to be part of the work the Council is doing in the Columbus community! 

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