Color stories and how to celebrate them in your home!

Colors stories are palettes of colors that create a story as a collective with an infusion of colors, angles, and/or textures. The story comes to life with the consistency of patterns and colors throughout a space.  

Color Stories Defined by Crimson Experts

Interior designers are stuck with color stories.  They use and apply stories daily to their projects and are integral to the design process. By having color stories before starting a project, it helps you stay focused and mindful of your color palette as well as ways to accentuate spaces with pops of color. 

Color lover extraordinaire, Stephanie, shares her take on color stories: 

“Color stories are interactions of color that tell the client’s story.  It is about how colors play off each other to evoke a feeling, thus the client’s story they want to tell with the interior of their home through color.”  It is the study of hues, tones, depths, saturation, clearity, brightness of color.  It is also what the colors portray in regard to feelings: moody, happy, uplifting, rich, warm/inviting, relaxed, calm, energetic, etc. 

Lauren, another one of our color connoisseurs shares her perspective:

“Color stories are the color palette for a project that helps to set the tone of a space or spaces within the client’s home.  This can be a broad palette of certain colors that can be found throughout the client’s home with splashes of additional colors in different spaces to create added interest or layers.  The color story is a direct representation of the client and their personality and style.  This will influence them for years to come in their home.  Light, neutral colors will brighten a home and can be soothing and inspire tranquility whereas dark and rich or intense colors can inspire energy, action, and passion.

For example: 

You want to make sure that your colors interact well with each other.  If they’re going to be married, let’s make sure they are a good fit. (We need 2020 to give us something good.) Crimson always encourages creativity and pops of color; however, you have to determine the overall color story of your space so that you are consistent with your colors, patterns, furniture, accessories, etc. throughout your home. 

How to get the show on the road

Sometimes we need help on how to get started with a project. (Google and YouTube comes in handy a lot, doesn’t it?) Here is a process to get you started on your color story journey.

  1. Don’t be indecisive, let’s choose a space!  Whether it is a wall, furniture, or an entire area in your home, determining where you will be applying this color story is crucial. You want to make sure that the color story tells the perfect story in that space. 
  2. Make sure that the colors look good together.  If you know that you want neutral colors, go for it.  Keep in mind that your colors have to look good together.  Even if you think they looked great in your mind or on Pinterest, you still need to see them together with your own eyes.  You’d be surprised by the results of this. 
  3. Don’t take it so seriously! Play around with the colors. You can do this by pairing paint or pattern swatches to figure out which colors would look best together for your space.  Play around with colors you wouldn’t think of, you would be shocked at what would work for you and your space.
  4. Now, let’s put that color story together so that we can start the project.  Once your color story is complete, you now have to determine how much you are going to apply that color story.  There are many ways in which you can utilize color stories!

If you would like to share a color story you made, please share with us on Instagram at @crimsondesigngroup!

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