Luis Stauffer, Board Member for Columbus Council on World Affairs

“My mom always told me to celebrate the diversity of the relationships in my life. As humans, we gravitate toward similarities and what we have in common with others, but my mom always taught me the opposite. I’ve filled myself with curiosity and let it drive me. I celebrate and admire those I am not like; it has been engrained in my soul and spirit,” says Luis Stauffer, President of Crimson Design Group and board member of the Columbus Council on World Affairs.

1. How did you become involved in the Columbus Council on World Affairs (CCWA)?

When I came across CCWA, I felt excited and was surprised to see a great organization like this in Columbus. I knew I had to get connected with the organization. As Crimson continued to grow, we started to focus more on how we could give back to the community and to global organizations…CCWA was on the top of our list, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

2. Is there a CCWA program you are particularly passionate about?

One of CCWA’s premier programs is the Global Scholars Diploma, which is a 3-year program that develops globally competent high school students by building the awareness and skills needed to take action on a global issue and to become responsible citizens of the world. This is year 10 for the program and I am so excited to see how it continues to develop!

3. Tell us more about the Global Scholars Diploma.

Click here to learn more about CCWA and the Global Scholars Diploma.

The Global Scholars Diploma has grown to serve 20 school districts with over 1,200 student participants from many cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. As a result of the program, students become informed and engaged citizens with a global perspective. The develop big picture thinking – enabling graduates to see connections between cultures, societies, issues, and professions around the world. They learn to apply respect, empathy, and inter-culture understanding.

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