Commercial Office Space Design Trends

Commercial office spaces can end up being drab in fear of not being professional or because of budgetary concerns. However, the corporate world and the office workplace can still be a fun, comfortable, and modern space that brings your brand to life. Bring your space to life with these six office design trends.

1. Privacy

Privacy is crucial in any office space; your confidentiality is our priority. But how do you create a space that is both inviting and fun, and also protects your clients’ information? Two popular elements are acoustic ceiling tiles and privacy glass. 

Acoustic ceiling tiles are available in several designs, textures, and colors, and keep sound from carrying throughout the office. They are helpful when multiple people are on the phone, or if your office is just as busy as ours with client meetings and drop-in guests!

Privacy glass is our preferred method for sound reduction throughout the office. It can be customized in several ways, including frosting over via voice or remote command. Additionally, you can create spaces within the office that provide a quiet space for meetings, like our glass wall conference rooms, without disrupting the floor plan.

2. Architectural Accents

Office spaces have notoriously been squared off with simple lines and plain shapes. Couldn’t be us! More and more spaces are incorporating architectural accents that spark interest, like exposed beams, architectural metal grilles, and unique shapes (check out the impeccable woodwork on our custom bookshelves!). Additionally, glass walls and partitions have become popular as they add a modern and sleek feel to an otherwise boring office. These small changes often do wonders for bringing a space to life.

3. Comfortable Considerations

We want our employees to be comfortable; that’s why we invested in ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and our office allows in so much natural light! Focus has shifted toward these elements as research has shown they contribute to employee productivity.

For the ergonomic office furniture, popular options include alternatives like sit-to-stand desks, treadmill workstations, and various shapes of chairs to promote healthy sitting positions. When looking at studies regarding ergonomic furniture in the office, the conclusion is often the same. These pieces of furniture reduce musco-skeletal discomfort like back pain and improve employee satisfaction. 

Natural lighting in a space doesn’t always have to come from windows. Though windows are the best way to provide natural lighting, there are artificial lighting options that mimic natural lighting to trick the brain. One thing that helps keep bright lighting is using glass curtain walls instead of solid walls so that spaces are brighter overall. Research has shown that blue-enriched white light, which is what natural light and artificial alternatives have in common, improves daytime fatigue, positive mood, and irritability while preventing eye discomfort.

4. Flex Spaces

Flex spaces are a trend that not only contributes to the design of the office, but also to the functionality of the space. Flex spaces are areas that can be used for more than one purpose; this might look like a conference room that doubles as an area for team collaboration, or a showroom area that can also be used for employee breaks. Ask yourself – what spaces does my company need and how can they be multi-use spaces? 

5. Cleanliness

Though cleanliness has always been a good business practice, it is now vital to success and should be prioritized. Soft materials should be replaced with materials like vinyl, hard plastics, glass, and metal. These materials can be easily cleaned in between uses to foster a healthy office environment. Similarly, due to continued innovation in consumer goods, it is easier than ever to find office furniture and other decor items that look great and are able to be cleaned regularly. We have hired a cleaning service to make sure our employees are comfortable with the state of the office and are following CDC guidelines.

This is a joint blog between Crimson Design Group and Brian Jeffries at Innovative Building Materials.

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