Crimson’s Favorite Creators: Brian Coovert

We’ve said it time and again, using plants in design is a sure fire way to add personality, warmth, and natural beauty to a space. When a project is complete, we like to keep the Crimson Design experience going. One of our favorite gifts to give clients is a gorgeous floral arrangement from the incomparable Brian Coovert.  A long time friend of the design firm, Brian’s floral artistry is a cut above the rest, one of a kind, and we’re so proud to feature him in our first edition of Crimson’s Favorite Creators, a series in which we’ll profile our go-to makers, creators, craftspeople, artists, and more!

Brian’s story began in the rolling hills of southern Ohio, where he fell in love with nature at an early age. He always had an affinity for all things nature, flowers, and horticulture. Little did he know, this would turn into a life long passion. 

Curiosity and the need to explore lead him to South Carolina, where he worked as the Visual Merchandising Director for Saks Fifth Avenue in Charleston. His work introduced him to the world of floral artistry. He began working with a floral designer on weekends and, in every sense of the word, started from the bottom. His first job was to clean out buckets for the florist, and to hand him individual flowers when they put together floral displays, on site. Though this was grunt work, these were formative years. It was here where Brian learned to appreciate color, texture, form, and European floral design. 

Eventually, Brian’s floral designs gained recognition. His designs were featured in international film releases, displayed in reception halls and hotel rooms of current and former United States presidents, actors and actresses, and dignitaries.

When Brian returned to Ohio, his work gained recognition nationally for its meticulous design and  innovative artistry. His designs and arrangements have been recognized nationally and published in “Architectural Digest,” “Martha Stewart Weddings,” “Southern Living,” “Traditional Home,” “Modern Bride,” and “Flowers World.”

Brian always strives to become better, to grow, and to learn. So in 2011, Brian attended the Araik Galastyan International Floral Design School in Moscow. Over the course of his 1.5 year program, he learned elements and principles of design, foundations of color harmony and structure, as well as construction. He built his own book of nomenclature: the botanical names, genus, species, and growing habits of 200 flowers, 100 kinds of foliage, and 100 branches. He learned how to build bridal bouquets, floral arrangements, and structures. The program culminated in an incredible project: he was sent to the Louvre, where he had to select a painting and design an arrangement that reflected and interpreted its character. 

He earned his European Masters Certification in Bruges and Paris in 2014. 

Because Brian has never been one to be ‘done’ learning, he continued his education. He had always had the ability and talent to create balance and harmony but continuing his education helped him define the theory behind his abilities. In 2017 Brian completed his studies and acquired his Certified Floral Designer accreditation. In 2018 he will be inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers and next year, he’ll test to earn the Professional Floral Design Evaluator certification. With this, he’ll be able to adjudicate floral competitions and educate.  

Brian’s work is inspired by nature, architecture, color, and interior design. His training in Europe, and his passion for education, has set his floral design apart. Decidedly European in nature, his design is refined, and totally unique.

Insider Information: European floral artistry is characterized as being attentive to detail, grounded in theory, architectural, and textured. American floral design tends to be about  larger groupings of flowers together while European designs can be much smaller in scale. European floral masters train for years at a time, almost like attaining a Master’s degree or Ph.D.  It’s about honing artistry and craftsmanship. 

Brian Coovert Floral Design was founded in 2010 and now serves clients throughout the greater central Ohio area, as well as world-wide. He concentrates on weddings, corporate and residential installations, events, and bespoke floral services.

He goes to the market and shops daily, orders from the Dutch Market, and directly from growers. This ensures that all of his installations are made of only the most beautiful flowers, branches, succulents, and orchids. 

When asked what his favorite part of the work is, Brian doesn’t hesitate: he loves designing for events, meeting with clients, hearing their story, discovering what they’re trying to accomplish with their event. What are they trying to convey? He likes to hear their ideas and expand on them, elevate them, and make the design bigger and more beautiful than they even imagined possible. 

To quote Brian, “A great event isn’t about the size, it’s about the feeling behind it. We want guests to walk away having had a wonderful experience. If all the guests can talk about is the flowers, when they leave, I’ve done my job wrong. The florals, the music, the food, the decor… it should all work in perfect harmony. When the guests leave the event, I want them to walk away feeling that they’ve had the best experience ever, but not be able to put their finger on exactly what made it that way. It should be everything, all together”.

Brian’s work is wholly original, and representative of everything we love. It tells a story, it’s unexpected, and inspirational. In addition to being extremely talented and artistic, we love working with him because he’s fun, funny, and makes you feel totally at ease. You just know that he’ll get to the heart of what you’re looking for. Truly an artist, Brian Coovert is as one of a kind as the arrangements he creates. 

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