Crimson Design Group Expands to the East Coast!

Photo courtesy of Visit Virginia Beach

We are thrilled to announce that we have opened our first satellite location in Virginia Beach! We are so excited to expand our pursuit of beauty to Virginia’s Hampton Roads, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and other surrounding areas. Based in Virginia Beach, Crimson’s design extraordinaire Heather Kates will be overseeing the East Coast office!

About Crimson

In 2003, I made the decision to take a risk and fulfill my lifelong dream of being a business owner. I wanted to create an interior design firm built on two ideals: the pursuit of beauty and fearless giving. Over the last sixteen years, my one-person studio has turned into a twelve-person team full of visionaries and creatives. Together, we’ve created interiors for individuals, families, and businesses that reflect their passions, hopes, and stories. We take pride in anticipating our clients’ every need and providing the highest level of personal service possible. We’re driven by curiosity, forward-thinking design, unwavering attention to detail, and we love a challenge.

Cheryl, founder, and CEO

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About Hampton Roads

As Cheryl saw this dream come to fruition, a new dream appeared: creating even more beautiful lives by expanding our footprint. Through much discussion and planning, we sent Heather to Virginia Beach to begin a new chapter in Crimson’s history! 

Virginia Beach is one of seven cities within the larger area of Hampton Roads. The other six are Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, and Suffolk.

[These seven cities] are in relatively close proximity, but are distinctly different. This region is an amalgamation of people and cultures, including surfers, skaters, New Agers, hoteliers, shipping and transportation firms, military contractors, and many, many members of the armed forces, to name just a few.

Matt Eich, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

According to Housing Wire, throughout the United States, apartment occupancy rates have increased to their highest level since 2000. Virginia Beach is among the top ten cities that have seen the largest increase in Multifamily Occupancy. 

Heather’s husband, Malcolm, is involved in the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel expansion which aims at easing congestion in the area. It can be expected that the widening of these passages and the addition of two new passages, will encourage more homeowners and renters to move into the city.

With a mixture of diverse cultures and people, increasing multi-family living, and overall city growth, we are so excited to be a part of what is happening in Hampton Roads. We’re also excited to pursue interior design in other places nearby like the Outer Banks in North Carolina! Overall, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

I feel so privileged to have a role in expanding Crimson’s footprint! Meeting new people, businesses, vendors and local artisans and sharing with them the incredible designs that Crimson creates has been an amazing experience. I can’t wait to get to know my new city better and start our first design project here!

Heather Kates, Designer (NCIDQ)

About Heather

Heather always wanted to be an interior designer. During her childhood, she would watch home improvement and design shows with her Grandmother, which inspired in her a love for design that has followed her throughout her entire life. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design with NCIDQ certification from the former Harrington College of Design in Chicago, Illinois. 

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