Design Director, Stephanie Walker, talks top 2021 interior design trends

Have you ever met someone who is a ball of fun, knows their stuff, and loves interior design?  Here at Crimson Design Group our Design Director, Stephanie Walker, exudes this!  We sat down with her to see what she had to say about the interior design trends of 2021 and what she is most excited about.


Emerging colors from 2020

“People experienced so many emotions over the past year and color is the quickest way to bring peace, happiness, and energy to a space. I feel that homeowners will start to gravitate towards colors that reflect the emotions they want to feel in their home versus what just looks good or is on trend. We will be surprised by color this year!


The colors we might start to see emerge are brighter/clearer versions of what was in the past.  The dark, deep blues and greens will now soften to evoke more serene/inviting vibes (blue) and natural, stable emotions (green).  I believe we will start to see more colors being injected in general — especially with accents!”

Fast Furniture

Fast furniture is on it’s way out

“Now that people are really ‘living in’ and are fully functional within their homes all day, everyday, the fast furniture will not hold up/be sustainable to that lifestyle. Remote working is a huge proponent of this. Homeowners will be searching for durable furniture, from upholstery to casegoods, that will wear well and look great.”

Unique Pieces

Unique pieces with meaning are going to have more of a presence

“People want to have a purpose in life and for their life to have meaning. This past year has really opened their eyes to that.  Rather than just going with furniture that looks good, homeowners will want their possessions to have purpose and meaning. Whether it’s a vintage heirloom piece or a brightly painted accent piece, that brings meaning, brings joy!  And, we all need that joy in our lives this year! We will start to see more of an eclectic mix of furniture and accessory pieces that tell a story for that person.  It will challenge us as designers to create fresh, new combinations!”

Dual Spaces

Spaces will need to serve dual purposes

“Many of us have restructured and reorganized our homes. For example, guest bedrooms are now home offices. Rather than a typical nightstand, you can use a beautiful desk.  We will have to really study space plans and the wants and needs of the homeowners to be creative and strategic on how we can accomplish everything for them. Crimson accepts that challenge!”

We are looking forward to this new year of design inspiration and hope you are too! If you have a refresh, redesign or new project we would love to hear from you.

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