Behind the Design: It’s Patio Season!

It’s finally patio season! It’s the time for sangria, mojitos, and grilling. It’s the time for lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun! But if you’re anything like us, your patio could use a little TLC after a bit of a wet winter.

We sat down with our designer Katherine to get some of her best tips for revamping and rejuvenating your patio space!

Upholstery, blankets, and pillows

Katherine’s first suggestion is to start with your soft goods. The easiest way to update your outdoor living space is by replacing your pillows. Build a neutral base in the form of your upholstered furniture over which you can layer brightly colored pillows and light blankets. Look for love seats, couches, and arm chairs that are upholstered in creams and beiges for added warmth. This year, vibrant warm tones like scarlet, violet, magenta, and burnt orange are popular and are an easy way to make your space feel tropical and summery.

Pro-tip: Katherine loves shopping for outdoor furniture at Brown Jordan, Summer Classics, and Seasonal Living. For those looking strictly for outdoor pillows, she suggests exploring your local World Market; they always have something new, and beautifully patterned.

Create Various Living Spaces

Just as it’s important to create defined spaces inside your home, your patio should be designed in such a way that there are multiple zones in which you can entertain and live. Katherine suggests creating a lounging area, dining area, and a casual conversation area (perhaps around a fire pit for cozy after-party talks and cocktails). One way to do this is to use way finding tools, like outdoor rugs and clear groups of seating.

Pro-tip: For gorgeous outdoor rugs that are durable and colorful, Katherine suggests the Dash & Albert line of outdoor rugs by Annie Selke.


Your patio may already be surrounded by verdant plant life, but that’s no reason not to go all in on making your backyard a tropical paradise. Katherine suggests investing in a variety of outdoor plants in varying heights and containers to make your patio feel like your own beautifully secluded secret garden.


Lighting can make or break your patio’s usefulness for entertaining. So invest in some unique lighting solutions. Over your dining area, place outdoor chandeliers. In your casual conversation area, place some simple hurricane candle holders around your upholstered arm chairs for a soft glow. Cafe lights are always a great option as well, especially if you have additional trellises in your yard that need a bit of light. Lastly, you can use landscaping lights to brighten up your yard and to draw attention to any specific landscaping details of which you’re particularly proud.

Mix Your Materials

Katherine’s last suggestion for designing your patio this year? Mix your materials. Use wicker, wood, metal, and layered fabrics throughout your space for a curated look. Avoid being too matchy-matchy. If you mix finishes and patterns your yard will transform from a simple patio to a secondary living space, outside. It will be sure to blow your friends and family away when you host them for the next BBQ or wine night.

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Photos courtesy of Crimson Design Group and Pinterest.

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