Design Tips For Fall

Today on the blog, learn some quick and easy design tips for fall!

As the seasons change, so should the design of our home. This may sound overwhelming or expensive, but there are actually many great and budget-friendly ways to ensure your home helps you experience each season and not just watch them go by.

In the Summer, you want your home to be light and airy. Sometimes this means pushing furniture closer to the walls to create more open space. Other times, people use reflective surfaces to cast the summer rays throughout their space. In Autumn, however, the strategy is very different.

Three things you really need to keep in mind are color, texture, and layering. The ultimate goal is to make a space that is warm and cozy; a space that invites people in from the chill of the Autumn breeze to enjoy warm drinks and pleasant company.

Keep reading for the design tips!

Pull Furniture Close

The first way to prepare your home for Fall is to move your furniture. Pull your couches out from the walls and position your chairs close to each other! This will automatically make your home more comforting and intimate.

Use Wood

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

As discussed earlier, in the Summer it is common to use items with reflective surfaces to cast light throughout the space. In Autumn, switch these out. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend more money on new furniture… rather, look at what you already have.

Maybe you have a metallic end table in your living room and a wooden end table in your office. Switch these out! If you have wood furniture in other areas of your home, try to pull them together in the main rooms. Wood is a naturally warm element, so incorporate it in any way possible! 

Maybe you bring in a wooden rocking chair from another area of your home, or you stack a pile of wood next to the fireplace or maybe you place woven baskets throughout your home, all of these are great ways to create a home ready for Fall!

Use Pillows and Blankets

Another great way to design your space for Fall is through soft goods. This Summer at our office, we incorporated pink, green and white pillows on the couches and chairs. These bright and fresh colors draw inspiration from nature’s summer palette.

Last week, we swapped these out for darker pillows. Dark greens, reds, blues, and browns more accurately reflect the palette of Autumn. A good rule of thumb is to consider the saying “bring the outdoors in.” Think about the colors you see during each season and bring them indoors in different ways.

Another great way to warm up your home is through blankets. As previously stated, it’s all about layering. Drape some blankets on seating throughout your home or place them in a basket out in the open. Furs add intimacy in any space because of their texture- incorporate them if you have the opportunity!

Dress Up Existing Furniture With Accessories

Maybe you don’t have furniture that can easily be moved around like the end tables mentioned earlier. If that’s the case, use some accessories to warm up your existing furniture! Stacking books on tables or shelves can make all the difference.

No matter what season it is, use books that are inspired by the time of year. For Autumn, we recommend using books that are dark green, brown, burnt orange or red.

Candles are another great accessory. Not only can you set the mood of your home through various scents, but you can also find some in gorgeous containers. This one from Voluspa not only smells amazing but also warms up the room through a gold container.

As always, one of the best ways to prepare your home for any season is through seasonal flowers. Mums, Pansies, Goldenrods, and Chrysanthemums are some of our favorites for Fall!

Change Your Lighting

This may sound expensive, but it’s not. One of the easiest ways to warm up your space is to swap out normal lightbulbs for ones with a warmer tint. You can also switch out lampshades- look at what a difference is made by swapping the lampshades below!

Consider Layering Rugs

Layering anything will make your home feel cozier. Pillows, blankets, even rugs!

You might be hesitant to layer rugs but look at the images below. Layering one rug on top of the other can make a huge difference!

Don’t Forget About The Bedroom

Finally, remember to layer in your bedroom. In the Summer it’s likely that you only had a blanket or a single comforter on your bed. But it’s time to get ready for colder weather! Put a comforter, duvet and extra blankets on your bed.

After that, add some accent pillows to create a space rich in texture and warmth, ready to house you on those cool Fall evenings!

Bed design from a recent install at Luxe at The Highlands!

There you have it, a few tips to get your home ready for Autumn! Since this weekend is a holiday, why not take some time sprucing up your home on your day off?

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Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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