2019 Design Trend Closer Look: Art Deco Revisited

With the arrival of every season comes a series of new design trends and, frequently, evolutions of existing styles. This Spring and Summer, you can expect interiors, exteriors, and even fashion to feature fresh takes on retro-chic design. Today, we’d love to explore in detail, Spring/Summer 2019’s take on Art Deco design.

Architectural Details

In the 1920s, Art Deco design represented the confluence of modernism and fashion. Features of the style are clean shapes, geometric ornamentation, and the use of expensive materials. Symmetry was key, as was simplicity.

2019’s take on Art Deco architectural design takes the best features of Art Nouveau and the Bauhaus school and elevates them. In 2019, look for soft arches and symmetrical geometry, deco inspired facades, French windows, and scalloped tile detailing. In finishes, green marble, marble paired with green countertops, textured glass, and brass hardware will make a splash. Other architectural details include the use of line work and detailed crown molding, as well as colored front doors. Bringing Art Deco to the 21st century, designers will also use light to elevate and modernize the style. Illuminated arches will offer a much needed departure from the overexposed Edison bulb trend.

Interior Details

Both commercial and residential interior design will be influenced by this Art Deco trend in 2019, too!

The geometric symmetry and lush materials of 1920s design will translate to furniture, wall coverings, and even lighting. Metal working and glass will pay a large part in interior design, with metal work room dividers and antiqued mirror wall paneling adding a sense of history, as well as an edge of elegance to designs. Blown glass will feature in light fixtures, including pendant lighting and lamps. Halo pendants and solid brass pendant lighting will offer the chance to add a modern flair to this inspired style. The combination of brass with glass, wood, and other natural materials such as marble and stone, will feature in accessories, sculpture, lighting, and fixtures.

Fabrics and upholstery will be vibrant, patterned, and thoughtfully layered. Look for velvet seating, chanenel tufted furniture and focal pieces, unexpected upholstery (like on a door!), tone on tone layering, leather curved back chairs with brass detailing layered with luxurious pillows , and fringe.

See some of these design elements in our designs, below!

Photo Credits: Crimson Design Group


Patterns have always played a huge role in Art Deco design. This year’s take on deco is no exception. From wall coverings to flooring, patterns will be key to 2019’s re-exploration of Art Deco. Look for the following patterns: Eastern Inspired Deco, Tessellated Geometric Patterns, Polished Fretwork, Scallops, Minimalistic Linework, and Nouveau Curves

Photo Credit: Crimson Design Group


Colors to keep an eye out for this year include soft powdered shades, rich jewel tones, pastels, and metallics. Combinations of mint, emerald green, and lotus pink inspired by both Deco and 1950s retro design will be everywhere. On the other end of the spectrum, combinations of peacock blue and copper, gold and deep aubergine, and tone on tone combinations will immediately add a touch of lavish elegance to any design.

Photo Credit: Crimson Design Group

How To: 2019 Art Deco

So how can you add a touch of Art Deco elegance to your home design?

Photo Credit: Crimson Design Group

  1. Soft Goods-

    Invest in silk pillows and bedding, fringed pillows, velvet barred pillows, and a collection of towels that feature a color gradient (especially powder shades and jewel tones!)

  2. Upholstery-

    Are you refurbishing your furniture this year? Consider patterned upholstery!

  3. Lighting-

    Find light fixtures the feature soft curves, brass elements, marble details, or opaline glass. If you’re considering a larger investment, consider a glass chandelier.

  4. Brass Caged Furniture-

    Looking to update your sitting room? Look into caged brass ottomans, tables, and chairs. Such an easy way to bring some deco-chic charm to your space.

  5. Statement Credenza-

    A statement, jewel toned or wood credenza with brass elements can make a difference in your master bedroom or living room design. Accessorize with artwork, accessories, marble sculpture, and a brass lamp for even more Art Deco flair.

  6. Silk Room Separator-

    Dealing with a small-ish living space with high ceilings? Create distinct living areas by hanging a softly colored, silk room separator. Create your own lounge with velvet, channel tufted furniture on one side for cocktail hours with friends and a small library on the other, for quiet time alone sitting in a curved leather club chair, sipping a Manhattan or Sidecar.

Want to create your own Deco-inspired home design? Give us a call!

Photo Credit: Crimson Design Group

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