Designer Feature: Lisa Woods

Meet Lisa! Lisa is a Design Team Lead at Crimson. She loves searching for new materials and finishes and seeing her projects come to life. Outside of the office you can find her taking her daughters to the park to watch the ducks.

Strongest Design Skill

“I would say my strongest skill is definitely sourcing. I’m obsessed with finding new products. I’m always looking for inspiration in different places. I have an insane stockpile of lighting, new carpet and new materials that I’m always kind of hoarding. I love saving it and finding a spot for it in my next project.”

Favorite Project

“That is hard because they’re all great for different reasons, obviously. But there is one residential primary bathroom that stands out just as a beautiful project. There were so many layers of beautiful materials from stone, to wallpaper, to the mirror and lighting in every nook and cranny. So that might be at the top of the list right now”

*To respect our client’s anonymity, no photos of this project have been captured.

Favorite Part of Design Process

“I probably have two different phases of the design process that I really love. The first one being the concepting and schematics. Really pulling all the different design elements that you want to incorporate, getting to dream really big, and think about what you want the space to look and feel like. Then my second would probably be when the lighting and tile starts to go into the space, that phase of construction is really fun. You can start to see things really come to life. All of those fun colors and different lighting elements bring the space to life.”

Current Favorite

“So, it is definitely this wall covering. I’m saving this baby for my own home. I’m obsessed with it. So it’s basically inspired by embroidery. You can tell it’s a little funkier with the lightning bolts and all the eyeballs and stuff. So cool.”

Counterpart Studios | Fort Lonesome | Moon Snake Wallpaper in Charcoal

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