Cheryl & Louie’s Dinner Party Must-Haves

Better weather is just around the corner. To Cheryl and Louie that means hosting as many dinner parties as they can! The two are entertainers and hosts at heart and have the most fabulous collection of dinnerware, table linens, flatware, ornate vases. . . you name it, they have it. Here are just a few of their dinner party    must-haves.

This charcuterie board – shoutout to Bria Hammel on your amazing collaboration with etuHOME! There are all different shapes and sizes for all types of gatherings. Speaking of charcuterie, this is Cheryl and Louie’s favorite French cheese (and it’s served at RH Rooftop Restaurant!).

A cloche can be used to cover your charcuterie board, bread, or desserts while you wait for your guests to arrive. They also bring an elevated look and feel to the food you are serving.

Some people say location, location, location…Louie says alcohol, alcohol, alcohol! You never want to run out of drinks. His summer selections are Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc and Honig Cabernet Sauvignon

Cheryl opts for a Gimlet (with a twist!) – here’s her recipe: 2 oz Vodka, .5 oz Simple Syrup, .5 Lime Juice, garnish with basil

She likes to serve here cocktails in the cutest glassware

When it comes to setting the table, Cheryl likes to mix and match plates to create different settings. Her advice is “whether it is something with a pattern, a new piece or a vintage piece, just buy patterns and colors you love!”

These Marrakesh tile plates will transport your dinner party around the world to Morocco! Pair them with these fresh white plates for additional pops of blue, and mix in these napkins and tablecloths to expand the color palette.

Louie’s dinner party reminders are key. . . 

“Have a diverse list of playlists depending on the mood of the party…one to pick the vibe up, and one to slow it down.”

“Light some candles to create a cozy mood; ambience is so important. Always get non-scented candles for the dinner table.”

“Fresh flowers! Whatever works for the season. A little goes a long way.”

“Plenty of food and water (keep everyone hydrated!), and remember to be accommodating of those with dietary restrictions.”

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!! We love people, building relationships, and are always curious to learn more. What better way to do that than over good food and drinks? And don’t forget to invite us to your fabulous dinner party!

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