Giving Back


“I’ve been given so much in my life, and every day I feel fortunate, lucky and blessed, and so I wanted to give back. I do this by bringing greater awareness, and donating to issues we, and our clients, feel are important.”

Cheryl Beachy Stauffer, Founder CEO Crimson Design Group

Today, Crimson Design Group gives a percentage of its client fees to a non-profit organization of its clients’ choosing, or if they prefer, to one of our choosing.

We see humanity as very complicated, yet also very simple, and we’ve simplified it to three key essentials of what matters to us:  

  • To live among people, not apart from people.  
  • To be a small part in changing the world.
  • To play a small part in empowering someone else to experience more.  

Giving back is a natural reaction to our three essentials:   

  • It’s a way of passing on some of what we’ve been given.
  • It’s a chance for us to design beautiful and meaningful homes, and also to create beautiful and meaningful connections.
  • It’s an opportunity to make lives better.  

And it makes us very happy to give it.

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