Giving Tuesday 2019

Thank you Supporters! Today is a day of global generosity. We encourage you to join us in continuing the support of the house in Thailand and the children who now call it home! If you wish to donate please follow the link below and read on for an update regarding the house and the children!

It has been a year of amazing things happening in Chiang Rai, Thailand and all of your support is what has made this happen! In this season of Gratitude, we want you to know how grateful we are for the selfless support you have given to this home and the lives of these children. Not only is the house now built in completion, but the children have moved in and are living lives that not so long ago seemed like a dream.

In September of this year the home was able to be opened and the children began moving in from many villages across Thailand. Look at the wonderful words Asia’s Hope Executive Director released about the project and the support that was given by you!

“These two girls are so happy to be here,” says Tutu (Director of Asia’s Hope Thailand), referring to a set of grinning, bright eyed, five-year-old twins. “They can’t stop asking questions. They want to know everything! But mostly they want to talk about the food: what they ate, what they are going to have for the next meal, what they want to eat next. Before they came to Asia’s Hope, they never had enough food, sometimes they almost starved. Their father died after many years of drug addiction, and their relatives could not continue to care for them. They will be safe and happy here.”

Having rescued over 20 orphans these smiling faces have found their new home thanks to your loving generosity.

One of the best days we got an update was when the beds finally arrived! There are 4 children’s bedrooms that house the 20 little ones and for some these were the first beds they had ever had!

From housing, to education, to a solid family environment the gift of giving has continued to grow. Thank you!

Cheryl and Luis will be traveling to Thailand to meet these amazing people and children late in January so stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

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